A Tribute to Tai Chi Master Henry Cheng

About 5 years ago I began studying Tai Chi with Henry Cheng. I went to the first class with the idea that I had to do something to relieve stress. Happily, I found exactly what I was looking for. Now I study form, sword, self-defense and energy classes.

I have had, and still have, a very stressful life. But thanks to Tai Chi, I can handle it now with a relaxed, confident, focused manner – and with a smile on my face. My overall health has improved also. And I love the warm, friendly atmosphere at the Center—it’s like a second family!

Rena Levine
Project Coordinator and Webmaste


I have been studying Tai Chi Chuan with Master Henry Cheng for more than 8 years. Henry is a genuine Tai Chi Chuan Master who has demonstrated his thirty years study experience and knowledge about the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan through his teaching. In the class, Henry has taught us a set of soft-intrinsic martial art movements and gives us theoretical explanation and practical application for each movement. To enhance our understanding of the Tai Chi Chuan, Henry also teaches us the history and Taoist Philosophy behind the Tai Chi Chuan martial art. 

I really enjoy learning Tai Chi Chuan from Henry. Tai Chi Chuan is easy to learn for beginners because of its relaxed postures, its gentle and graceful movements. For the serious Tai Chi Chuan students, there are rooms to excel to the next level to explore the Tai Chi Chuan martial art technique for self-defense.

D. Chan
Electrical Engineer


I have been studying Wu-Style Tai Chi with Master Henry Cheng since September 2000. Throughout the years, my skills have improved, little by little, under his kind guidance. Henry instills a deep admiration without trying. He brings so much depth to his teaching and gladly shares his knowledge with all his students. He teaches through patience and repetition and provides a safe environment where all students can learn and achieve their own potential. I have made many friends at the Tai Chi Wellness Center and it is my “home” away from home.

Over my years of practice, tai chi has become much more than simply outward physical movement. It is a discipline whereby I attempt to achieve the integration of my whole being – body, mind, and spirit. The practice of tai chi keeps me centered and helps me achieve a sense of peace and calmness in my daily life. Henry is the catalyst that makes all of this possible.

Bea Tillman


Henry Cheng is a true master of his art. His detailed explanations, patience and “hands on” teaching style allow his students to make consistent progress. Master Cheng has a unique ability to teach real Tai Chi Chuan utilizing chi directly. Students who come for instruction in various disciplines (Form, self defense, exercise, meditation, well being, calligraphy, etc.) are a tight group showing respect for their peers and master. This is a great reflection of his impact.

David Kish
Manufacturing Manager


I began studying Wu style T’ai Chi Chuan with Master Henry Cheng in 2001, after 2 years of studying the Yang style. I continue studying the form and applications because of the gentle movements and the balance (both physical and mental!) that it brings to my life. Master Henry is such a joy to learn from. Much more than teaching just basic T’ai Chi, he is a life instructor, a respected mentor and a delightful friend.

Pamela Wagaman, Ph.D.
Research Scientist


I came to Henry just seven months ago after suffering a head injury and the headaches that followed. Henry’s acupressure and Tai Chi techniques have given back my health and spirit. Henry is a true master and now a great friend.

Mason Jones


I have studied Tai Chi with Henry Cheng for five years now, and am a different person for the process. Learning to be in touch with the Chi has affected all aspects of my life—from sports and music to work and study. It has made relaxation and focusing my efforts much more natural and energizing. The more one learns with Henry, the more there is to know. I found it a natural progression to go from learning to feel and use the energy in Henry’s classes to now studying to use the energy in a graduate program in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Peggy Leong
Student of Chinese medicine and acupuncture


Henry Cheng is a true Tai Chi Chuan Master. He has an understanding of the full curriculum of Tai Chi and embodies a very high level of skill after decades of training.

Tim Ash
CEO SiteTuners.com


Henry may never be a wealthy man by materialistic standards. Yet in the spiritual standard, he is rich and wise. His mere presence creates a flow of positive energy. In addition, Henry is so down to earth, so caring and not at all into image and power trips. You can feel this in every class he teaches and in his students.

Being a member of the ” Tai Chi Wellness Center ” has affected my life in a positive way. In turn I hope I can pass forward this positive energy onto others like Henry does. Henry is truly a wonderful guide on this life path.

Ruth Carmichael
Graphic and Web Designer
Tai Chi student for life


My wife and I wanted to begin an activity that we could do together as we became older. Like many people our age we had been involved with vigorous physical pursuits which have left us with some common aches and musculoskeletal injuries.

One day we observed an eighty year old couple doing Tai Chi. Their balance and grace at such an elderly age was impressive. We were so fortunate to discover the Tai Chi Wellness Center and begin our training with Master Henry Cheng. I have found the time spent training with him to be an oasis of calm in my very stressful life.

In addition Master Cheng attracts a group of friendly, intelligent and highly motivated people who provide a wonderful environment and group support. Many of these individuals have studied eastern ideas and martial arts in the past with other teachers and often express their great satisfaction with discovering Master Henry Cheng as their teacher compared to their former studies.

His interest to preserve the original styles with the emphasis on the study of energy, sets him apart from other practitioners who mainly teach only a form of movement.

My life has been enriched and my health seems improved. What could be better than that!!

Marc Gehr

Celebrating Henry

Poem written by Dr. Ruth for his birthday

You have dedicated your life to help people

With Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease

And many other illnesses

You have helped people

With everyday stress and anxiety

You are a humble man

A Gentle and caring man

Your compassion is never ending

When you smile

Positive energy fills the room

Your laughter is joyful

You have created a Tai Chi Family

Where many of us

Have found true friendships

That will last a lifetime

You have passed on your knowledge

To your students

And they have passed this wisdom

Onto others

To make this world

A better place to live

Thank you Master Henry

For sharing your wisdom

We are truly grateful