Demonstrations and Events

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration & Tai Chi Demonstration

Every year, Master Cheng and his students celebrate the Chinese New Year together with their families. It is a time for sharing, good food and fun, and a time for students to demonstrate what they have learned.
First Master Cheng and his students present the Tai Chi Form, and the audience is encouraged to participate. Then the students demontstrate, Sword, Saber, Self Defense, Chi Kung (Qiging)  and Push Hands.
After the demonstration comes the pot luck party, with great food, music and often performances by students.  The celebration is held annually at the Tai Chi Wellness Center. 

Students, their families and guests are welcome.

When: Late January or early February

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Tai Chi at the Annual Clairmont Family Day in San Diego Gallery

Tai Chi Performance Special Events

Master Cheng’s students perform the Tai Chi form, Push Hands, Sword and Saber.

Tai Chi Performance
(Form, Sword and Saber) in San Diego


Tai Chi Performance gallery

Grand Master Kong

Master Cheng and his students visited his teacher, Grand Master Kong, in San Francisco. Grand Master Kong is also well known for his Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. At the age of 100, he still performed Tai Chi everyday.

Visiting Tai Chi Grand Master Kong, Henry’s Tai Chi Teacher

Grand Master Kong Gallery

Tai Chi Guest Speakers

Tai Chi masters were invited to the Tai Chi Wellness Center for lectures and demonstrations.

Tai Chi Masters China

Master Cheng and his students visited the Wu Style Tai Chi Masters in Shanghai and went sightseeing.

Spear Demonstration by Master Henry Cheng