Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting

The Chinese Calligraphy Gallery showcases Master Henry Cheng’s unique work.

Chinese brush & calligraphy is closely related to Tai Chi. In calligraphy, energy flows through out bodies, out to the brush, and onto the paper. Calligraphy is the material traces of one’s energy and creative inspiration.

The Artist : Master Calligrapher Henry Cheng

Henry Cheng  has been contributing to this storied and ancient art, following traditional techniques, through the calligraphy artwork he has been creating for decades.


To visit Master Henry Cheng’s art gallery in person, or purchase an artwork, please contact us. The gallery is open by appointment.

Tai Chi Wellness Center
3650 Clairemont Drive, Suite 1
San Diego, California, 92117

Phone: (858) 232-2939

Showcase of Master Henry’s Artwork

Browse this handpicked selection of Master Henry’s calligraphy and brush painting artwork. Click on an image to enlarge it.