Welcome to the Tai Chi Wellness Center
San Diego, CA

The Tai Chi Wellness Center offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong), Self Defense and Art Classes to people of all ages.

It is located at:
3650 Clairemont Drive, Suite 1
San Diego, California, 92117

The Center’s founder, Master Henry Cheng, is a Fifth Generation Tai Chi Master.

Tai Chi Wellness Center Mission Statement:

To teach the ancient Chinese arts of Wu style Tai Chi & Martial Arts, Qigong, and Chinese Brush & Calligraphy to people of all ages in order for them to gain balance of body and mind.

“May you live a long, peaceful, and balanced life through your practice of Tai Chi and the ancient Chinese Arts.” – Master Henry Cheng

Henry Cheng Personal Trainer – Private Lessons in San Diego County

Master Henry Cheng has dedicatd his life to improving people’s health and well being.  He believes that “Through the harmony of mind, body and spirit comes great happiness and good health.”

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Qigong/Chi Kung (Energy) and Stress Relief Class

Relax and Have Some Fun! Improve your Health!

Open to the public (no membership necessary)

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month 7:00 – 7:45 pm

Everyday people are feeling more stress than ever, especially with the economy and added pressure in the work environment. Stress is on the rise and this can lead to a variety of health and emotional problems, as well as low energy. 

Master Henry Cheng’s Tai Chi Wellness Center offers Qigong Stress Relief classes weekly at a very modest price. Henry teaches Relaxation Techniques (Qigong) that help to  reduce stress, decrease anxiety, restore energy and  improve concentration. Henry is passionate about passing on his knowledge to help people feel their best.

The Tai Chi Wellness Center is a warm and friendly place to relax and melt away stress.

This class will uplift your spirits, calm your mind, and improve your mental focus.

The Qigong and Stress Relief Class is also available as private lessons for individuals and small groups; at his center, offsite and corporate training events. Please call (858) 232-2939 for more details.

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Interview: Henry Cheng
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Joining The Movements
Tai Chi can help with your health, your fitness and much more

By R.J. Ignelzi 
Union-Tribune Staff Writer

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Tai Chi for Parkinson’s Disease

Tai Chi movements are gentle balance enhancing motions that can noticeably help the Parkinson’s patient by reducing the gradual loss of balance that Parkinson’s sufferers often experience.

By Henry Cheng

The Science of Healing
PBS – Special Event

Scientist Dr. Esther Sternberg, explores the latest developments in science’s ability to heal and stay well.

The Science of Healing in San Diego

Aired on PBS.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

By Henry Cheng
As seen on TV

Tai Chi Long Form and 
Beginning Pushing Hands DVD

By Henry Cheng
For students reference.

Students flowing Tai Chi in the park Wu Style

In the spring of 2008 a student of Master Henry Cheng started Tai Chi in the park. They practice the long form and also the short form.
Come join us, all are welcome!

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Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting

Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting
1st and 3rd Mondays of the month 8  – 9 am
Private lessons for individuals and small groups; workshops and demonstrations; offsite and corporate event training are available.

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Tai Chi Demonstration Videos

At the Annual Clairemont Family Day Celebration

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Choosing a Tai Chi Teacher,

Written by Master Henry Cheng, published by International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).

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Tai Chi Class Descriptions and Pictures

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Tai Chi Slide Shows and Descriptions

Tai Chi Demonstration, Tai Chi Performances – Special Events, Tai Chi Guest Speakers, and Annual Chinese New Year Dinner (San Diego County).

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Tai Chi Master Henry Cheng’s biography and a list of organizations he is involved with in San Diego County.


Tai Chi Master Henry Cheng won the 5th Annual Asian Heritage Medicine & Health Award, 2007 (San Diego County).


The benefits of Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Self Defense, Chi (Vital Energy in Chinese), plus a free download article written by Master Henry Cheng on Health and Tai Chi, published by International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).

  • Tai Chi is a preventive measure and the alternative medicine
  • Tai Chi Health & Fitness
  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Stay Young
  • Painful Injury
  • Healing Power
  • Arthritis
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Breast Cancer
  • Degenerative Nerve Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Seniors Health
  • Research on Tai Chi


A Tribute to Tai Chi Master Henry Cheng written by his students living in San Diego County.


Address, phone number and email address of the Tai Chi Wellness Center serving all of San Diego County including Coronado, Del Mar, La Jolla, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Bernardo etc.

Tai Chi Wellness Center Photo Gallery 

Shows pictures of the Tai Chi form, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Saber, Tai Chi Self Defense and other Tai Chi Performances in and around San Diego.